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Cleaning & Maintenance

Caring for Your Custom Cabinets

Cleaning Custom Cabinets

ELITE KITCHENS custom cabinets have been manufactured in such a manner that little maintenance is required.   Cleaning custom cabinets is easy.  All cabinet surfaces can and should be cleaned on a regular basis, using a mild soap and water mixture, and then wiped dry. All wood cabinet surfaces should be wiped with a good quality furniture polish or wax once per year.

All cabinet hardware should be wiped periodically with a soft dry cloth. Hinges come with a manufacturers’ limited lifetime warranty and do not require lubrication. Hinges are self-closing and all doors may be adjusted, if necessary, using adjustment screws to raise and lower, and pull in or out.

Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms specializes in custom cabinets in Vancouver. If you have any questions or require further information please feel free to contact us.

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