The kitchen is usually one of the busier rooms in the house. As such, you may be wondering what are the best ways to keep the kitchen cool. Here are some tips to beat those heat waves:

  1. Windows

As with other rooms, keep your windows and window coverings closed when the sun is beating down on them and throughout the day. If you don’t have window coverings, even some aluminum foil, shiny side facing out, will help keep the heat out of your kitchen. Open windows and window coverings when it is cooler outside then inside, typically in the early morning or around sunset or during the night.

  1. Light bulbs

If you have any light fixtures with halogen bulbs, if possible, change the bulbs to LED bulbs (or lamps). LED bulbs run much cooler and will be brighter than the halogen ones.

  1. Avoid using the oven

The oven really heats up the kitchen. Not just while it’s cooking but every time you open the door to the oven you let out an enormous amount of heat. Heat is also likely venting into the room while it’s on. Either avoid the oven on hot days or use it after the sun goes down. You can always cook something at night that can be reheated the next day in the microwave with a quick zap.

  1. A fan

Yes, a good old-fashioned fan helps cool the air, especially if you put a big bowl of ice water in front of it. If you’re miserable, plug in the fan.

We hope these tips help to keep you cool this summer. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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