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Wood cabinets, whether they are left natural or painted, add a classic, beautiful look to any room in your home. One of the first steps in bringing your wood cabinet dream to life is selecting what material will be used. There are pros and cons for various types of wood for cabinets — here are a few things you should know!

Maple is a popular choice for cabinets and other heavily used furniture and fixtures, thanks to its resilience. Maple cabinets will stand up to lots of use, retaining its durability for years to come. This wood is affordable, and can be stained to many finishes.

Walnut is gorgeous, but quite expensive. It lends a sophisticated air to your cabinets, but comes at a high cost.

Cherry is a beautiful hardwood with a reddish tinge, giving your cabinets a traditional look with little effort. If you like the look, however, it may come at a higher expense than other types of wood.

Ash is another strong, durable material, with lots of variance in its tones. This affordable wood is a good alternative to maple if you want something a bit more interesting.

Bamboo is a very sustainable material, offering a high degree of strength along with easy maintenance. It can be a bit pricier than other options.

Oak is a great choice if you are looking for visual interest. It is a very grainy material, so you get interesting patterns in every piece! However, this can be too much for some people, so if you want something plainer, look elsewhere.

Alder is a popular choice thanks to its durability and budget-friendly pricing, but can become blotchy with stain. Some people find it is too soft for kitchen cabinets, while others love its natural glow.

With all of these pros and cons in mind you are sure to find the right cabinets!


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