This is an unprecedented time in history! How is that for an attention-getter??? But, I’m not entirely out to lunch with that comment. In my lifetime, and as far as my parents can remember, there has never been a market so “hot” for sellers as this market.

Prices are going through the roof and sales are quick without even a mention of a “subject” to a sale. This is great news for sellers, with multiple offers coming in and few houses to compete with. However, I have watched as more and more of my neighbours are listing their homes and realize that this opportunity for a quick and profitable sale may come to an end sooner rather than later.

If you are able to take advantage of this market, I have a few ideas from personal experience about what makes YOUR house stand out and be one of those receiving multiple offers and a quick sale.

1. De-Clutter and De-Personalize

This one is always recommended by realtors, here’s why.

With less clutter, the space looks larger and more appealing. Although we love to personalize our homes, a perspective buyer feels intrusive and may not see it as “their home” with your photos of your kids, etc. on display.

Keep in mind how showhomes look – clean without clutter and nothing personalized on display.

2. Deep Clean

Sounds obvious, but this is the time when a more thorough clean is in order.

Look for stains on carpets-you know, the one that you were meaning to scrub but just forgot and every time you see it you chuckle and remember your friend tripping and spilling the salsa?

A great tip that I learned, put your clean towels in the dryer right before a showing and hang them in the bathroom to have that fresh laundry smell. Of course you have heard of baking bread or cookies to entice homebuyers, well, it’s the same idea!

And clean deeply-it is apparent when your house is really clean and this makes it look more appealing to a potential buyer. This, again, is applicable in any market, not just a “hot” one!

3. Brighten Your Home

Make sure all burned out light bulbs are replaced and replace every light bulb with the highest wattage recommended to make everything look really fresh and bright.

Make sure your blinds all work and keep them tilted open during showings.

If you have dark or really vibrant wall colours, maybe consider a paint job to make the walls more neutral and fresh.

4. Beautify with Flowers

If you can, a small bouquet of fresh flowers in the kitchen is a lovely touch, but also consider some baskets at the front door or a few plants in your landscaping.

Obviously keeping weeds down and mowing the lawn also makes sense to give your house a great curb appeal.

5. Upgrade What Matters Most

Now this is where we can help you! What should you do to make sure your house is one of those with multiple offers and a bidding war?

For many years we have found that the best investments in your house for resale are in the kitchens and bathrooms – I know, you are probably saying “I thought you would say this, Verona, as you are in the business of kitchens and bathrooms…” and fair enough. But what part of the house is most appealing to buyers?

What part of the house is where a buyer can imagine themselves spending time with family and friends?

What part of the house stays relatively the same once you move out?

Consider one of the things most buyers would like in their new home, and quite often I hear them ask “Does it have granite countertops?” Just recently a friend of ours was in the position to sell his home and he did just that-replaced his countertops with granite and it make a big difference in how his kitchen looked. His home sold very quickly and with multiple offers and a bidding war!

I have read that investments into your kitchen increase the value of your home and make it more desirable for potential buyers.

There are many different formulas explaining how much your investment in your kitchen increases your homes’ value, but I look at it differently. Where do you spend the majority of your time in your home? It’s usually the kitchen where you gather daily to make meals, share them or entertain friends. It is truly the heart of your home.

We, at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms, can help you to create a heart that you can love and the future owner of your home can love too!

Getting ready to sell, even in a hot market, does require some work. Let us help you to make the heart of your home beautiful and appealing so you can be one of the lucky ones who take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Verona Jungling blogs at 
and runs Simply Clean, a home and office cleaning and organizing company.

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