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Kitchen Hoods Vancouver

Stainless Steel Hoods

Complete your dream kitchen with a gorgeous coordinating hood. These are some of the hood styles we carry at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms in Langley BC.  Looking for some inspiration? Check the photographs in the hood gallery at the bottom of the page.


52030170 Pyramidal wall-mounted hood 30"No.Description Noise Level (sones)
52030170Pyramid wall-mounted hood 30″- 450 CFM- Push button, incandescent bulbs1 (min. speed),6 (max. speed)
 52530170Pyramid wall-mounted hood 30″- 600 CFM1.5 (min. speed),7.5 (max. speed)
 52536170Pyramid wall-mounted hood 36″- 600 CFM1.5 (min. speed),7.5 (max. speed)


Rectangular wall-mounted hood 36"No.Description Noise Level (sones)
53036170Rectangular wall-mounted hood 36″ – 600 CFM – Electronic Control1.5 (min. speed), 7.5 (max.speed)


Wall-mounted hood with electronic digital touch controlNo.Description Noise Level (sones)
56030170Wall-mounted hood 30″- 600 CFM- Electronic digital-touch control1.5 (min. speed),7.5 (max. speed)
56036170Wall-mounted hood 36″- 600 CFM- Electronic digital-touch control1.5 (min. speed),7.5 (max. speed)


Island hood 36"No.Description Noise Level (sones)
52636170Island hood 36″- 600 CFM- Electronic Control1 (min. speed),7.5 (max. speed)


6" Stainless Steel HoodNo.Description
556301706″ Stainless Steel Hood- 300 CFM


Showcase of Kitchen Hoods

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