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Dry-Treat Sealers for Kitchen Countertops

Dry-Treat Kitchen Countertop Sealers for your Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom Surfaces

DryTreat Sealants in Beautiful Homes Around the WorldElite Kitchens and Bathrooms proudly supplies premium protection for your porous kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces with Dry-Treat sealers.

Dry-Treat kitchen countertop sealers protect from common threats such as staining, water and salt damage, efflorescence, freeze-thaw spalling, picture framing, graffiti and mold growth, and make treated surfaces easier to clean and maintain.


About Dry-Treat Sealers


Dry Treat Sealant Technology

Dry Treat Sealant Technology – Click image to view larger

Dry-Treat’s superior technology is internationally recognized as the world’s leading high tech sealer for the protection of porous materials, including kitchen countertops, back splashes and other surfaces made of natural stone, tile, paving, concrete and grout.

Dry-Treat began in 1991 by developing specialist sealers for the engineering industry to protect concrete structures in harsh environments. Over the last two decades the company has developed their molecular engineering technology to create innovative sealers for a whole range of porous surfaces including natural stone, paving and tiles. Today, many bridges, wharfs, high rise buildings, stadiums and hundreds of thousands of homes are protected by Dry-Treat sealers. Twenty years ago, the company introduced the industry’s first manufacturer-backed sealer performance warranties up to 15 years. Dry-Treat’s ‘no fine print’ warranties are still the gold standard.


Dry-Treat Sealer Products:


Click image to download the Dry-Treat Product Brochure

Click image to download the Dry-Treat Product Brochure

  • Meta Creme (TM)
  • Enhance-Plus (TM)
  • Dry-Treat 40SK (TM)
  • Concreme (TM)
  • Stain-Proof Original (TM)

Download the Dry-Treat Product Brochure

Selecting a Dry-Treat Product


Dry-Treat Easy Product Selector

Dry-Treat Easy Product Selector – Click image to view larger (PDF)

Count on the knowledgeable staff at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms to recommend the correct Dry-Treat product for your bathroom and kitchen countertops, back splashes and other surfaces.  You can also browse this easy product selector tool to find out what Dry-Treat sealer options are available.


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