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Happy New Year….It is so hard to believe that we are almost 1/12 of the way in!!!

Well, here it is…2020. A new year and a new decade! This is an especially exciting year for us at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms as we celebrate our 30th year in business! I think at this beginning of a new year, there is a desire to create something new in our lives. New resolutions for what the next 12 months will hold. I sat down the beginning of this year and pondered what I wanted to write on these next 365 pages of my life. I have never done a vision board before, but 2020 seemed like the perfect year to do one and so I wrote my vision for this year. I included lots of goals that were practical, some that were dreams, but also some that just needed to be put on paper so they will actually happen and don’t get forgotten (again!). On the practical side of things, usually January is the month when I try to make meals out of the freezer-it’s my way of cleaning out the freezer and resting my credit cards after the overuse from the holidays! One of my biggest challenges has always been meal planning. I’ve heard the same from many people and know that I am not alone. When I had my organizing company, this was the biggest struggle (once we reduced and organized) for most people, and I can include myself in that group! But I felt optimistic that 2020 would be the year I tackle and overcome this challenge. I tried something new this year, and did some meal planning in a different way that is already working for me-I will share more on that in the next newsletter (still working out some kinks in this method, but it is finally a plan that is actually working out!!!).

Do you need ideas for tonight’s dinner? Check out my latest recipe, Instant Pot Teriyaki Bowls!

Another “vision” I have is to repaint some rooms and give our home a fresh start. Once all the Christmas decorations are taken down, somehow the house looked a bit tired and so a new coat of paint is definitely in order. That, of course, had me looking at the paint colours for the year from the major designers. Low and behold, grey is on the way out! What? That was the colour I was planning on painting my office!!!! Ok, so I dug a little further and found that some designers are suggesting a deep blue (not gonna work in a small dark room, so not for my office!) and then another had really light pastel colours…again, not for my office. So, I made the decision to go with what I loved, regardless of what was predicted to be “in” for 2020. I’m thinking that going with what you love, regardless of what is trending, is always the best way to go! So, if you are wanting to be on trend, Panatone suggests “Classic Blue” and Benjamin Moore suggests “First Light”, which is a very soft pink hue. Behr has chosen “Back to Nature”-a yellow hued green. So there you have it…a lot to choose from, but as for me, I will be painting Horizon Grey on my walls next week!

If this is the year for you to renovate your kitchen or bathroom-lucky you! It is so exciting to be dreaming and planning and watching as this dream becomes a reality! So, just for you, I also did some research to find the trends for 2020 and I am excited to share these with you! So, here goes:

Transitional kitchens are the most popular and for good reason. Transitional kitchens have clean and practical lines in countertops, crown molding and cabinetry, simple door styles, such as shaker style, neutral colours, very little ornate decorations and can blend traditional with contemporary. There will never be two transitional kitchens that are exactly the same because this style is such a personal reflection of your own style. Our designers are excellent at helping you to create the kitchen that perfectly reflects who you are because you are part of the entire process by choosing every element and we will do our part to make your dream a reality.


White still remains as the most popular colour for kitchen cabinetry, with wood-tone cabinets coming in second. Gray is the third most popular choice for cabinets (yet not for the walls????). Shaker also remains as the most popular door style. It is clean, but still makes a statement. One thing that has changed, is that specialty storage has become very popular. This is something I have always loved about creating your custom kitchen. I am an organizer by nature and, when we designed our own kitchen, it was with storage in mind. Ken helped me to utilize every inch of our cabinetry for specific storage-we have a small pull out drawer that would have been wasted space and it perfectly stores our water bottles and placemats. I wanted a baking centre and so we created a space with the drawers specifically sized to hold my kitchenaide mixer attachments. These types of specific storage spaces are what we do to make your dream kitchen not only a reality, but practical.


One element of the kitchen that is gaining in popularity and one of the most desired elements in a kitchen, is the island (in this winter weather, I’m always dreaming of an island!). In one third of kitchen renovations, the reason to renovate is to incorporate an island in the design. An island can add a seating/eating area, add countertop and include a second sink or even a small fridge, but the top feature indicated for 2020 is to add specific storage. Think about the possibilities…you could store your stand mixer on a pull-out shelf with the drawer nearby holding all your baking utensils; a small wine fridge and the wine glasses; a prep area with cutting boards stored below and knives in drawers for doing all those meal prep lunches on Sundays. I could go on, but then again, I’m sure you have some ideas and Ken or Arantza have some great ideas too! And visually, the trend for 2020 is for the island to have contrasting cabinetry or countertop.

Your kitchen should be a perfect blend between function and beauty. You should feel joyful when you enter the room that you spend the majority of your waking hours in, whether preparing meals, enjoying meals or entertaining guests. It is that time of year to reevaluate, reorganize and refresh. Is this the year you will renovate your kitchen? Let us help you create a kitchen that reflects you and gives you joy whenever you enter…your dream kitchen. We are here to help you create this! Happy New Year!


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