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New Year New Kitchen? Here are some of the Kitchen Trends for 2015

If your resolution for 2015 is to update your home, I imagine you have a lot of questions about what is current and in fashion for kitchens for the upcoming year. Let’s take a walk through the new kitchen trends for 2015. I have sifted through what the designers are saying and have found which styles will last and which ones will simply fade away. Designers typically suggest maintaining a more timeless appearance and I agree. Here is what the designers are suggesting will be popular in 2015:

White – when choosing a colour, this one is still quite popular. You can choose white for a traditional or contemporary kitchen. It is a great choice especially if you have a smaller kitchen and you chose white appliances that give the illusion of a larger space. You could also combine with dark or natural wood or stone elements to bring in more colour but keeping with the timelessness of white.

Natural woods or finishesMixing different woods and finishes is also a trend that will be continuing in 2015. We have a large selection of different doors in a variety of different woods that can further be stained an even larger selection of different hues. The choice is yours and we have so much to choose from! We would love to have the opportunity to show you our selection in our showroom. In fact, our newest display kitchen is made entirely of birch-quite an unusual look! We invite you to come to check it out in person! Mixing different woods and finishes in the same kitchen is still remaining to be quite popular as well!

Kitchen Cabinets
Open Floor Plan – Our lifestyles have continued to blend the kitchen with the living area. Our love of the “great room” is not over yet! As you already know, every party ends up in the kitchen! So, rather than go against the tide, the tide is embracing this lifestyle trend. Open plans are increasingly popular giving people the opportunity to live in the heart of the home! With this in mind, if you have a living area adjacent to your kitchen, you can incorporate a similar colour palette between the rooms. Cabinetry can be coordinated with or complimenting the furniture of your living area and the flooring and wall colour could be extended into both areas.

Colourful kitchen sinks – the new alternative to the stainless steel sink we all know and love! The trend of colourful sinks is on its way. Imagine white double sinks in a kitchen with a warm neutral tone quartz countertop and warm copper faucet and taps…that would definitely be the focal point of your kitchen!

Gray Cabinets – I saw this trend coming early last year and it is still going strong! It can give a soften the brightness of white in the cabinet doors and be paired with a punch of dark brown to have a dramatic flair. Grey also can be paired with brushed stainless steel for a modern look.

Here are some fun trends and ideas that you might want to incorporate into your new 2015 kitchen that go beyond the basics:

power bar
1. Power – with our electronic lifestyles, consider installing a hidden charging stations and flip-down recipe stands to hold your ipad.

2. Outdoors – the backyard isn’t just to store the barbeque, consider an outdoor kitchen. It could include a sink, countertop and pizza oven! The possibilities are endless!

3. Recycling – keeping the recycling organized is easy with a pullout with separate bins for recyclables and garbage. Let’s make “going green” easy!




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We would love to invite you to visit our updated showroom and see all that we have in store to help you design the kitchen of your dreams for 2015 and beyond!

-Verona Jungling
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