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Designing a custom kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets in your Vancouver home can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Custom cabinetry allows for many choices to be made, and there are some common and top kitchen cabinet design questions that you should be asking yourself, and your builder.

What Type of Finish?

This is an important design question that should be asked and explored. There are a few options for finishes for custom cabinets, and depending on the overall look and design you are aiming for, the finish of the cabinets could affect the material used to build them. Common finishings include paint, but stain is also a popular option. Stained cabinets will show off the wood’s natural grain, so you will want to decide ahead of time, and choose your wood based on the finish of the cabinets.

Open Design or More Storage?

It is important to really consider the full layout of your entire kitchen. Ask yourself if you value a more open, simplistic design, or more storage. Think about the space that you have, and what will fit into it. You will want to share measurements of your kitchen with your designer, and ask for layout options to see what layout may work best for your space.

Will this Design Fit Within My Budget?

With any home renovation, the costs can quickly get out of hand. Small changes could end up costing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars more. It is very important that before you start, you ask yourself what your budget will be, and ask your builder for designs that will fit within this budget. It can be very demotivating to have your perfect design presented to you, only to find out that it is nowhere close to what your budget allows for.

How Long Will This Process Take?

Finally, renovations, especially a major one like new custom kitchen cabinetry, can be very stressful. You should ask the question of how long this process will take, from demolition of the old cabinets to full completion. Having an estimate of the timeline for this project will allow you to plan your life around this, and know when you can begin to enjoy your new kitchen.

Getting that custom kitchen you have always dreamed about can be a very exciting endeavor, but before setting off, make sure you ask these important, top kitchen design questions to your contractor.


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