It’s been a rough couple of months for everyone: Restaurants are closed, dinner parties are out and even dinners with extended family are risky and ill advised.

While British Columbia has moved into public health’s Phase 2 of the COVID-19 response, many people will still be stuck mostly at home until we have a vaccine.

Thus it is very likely that you have spent a great deal of time in your own kitchen, perhaps more time than you’ve spent in the past. Because of these factors now might be perfect time to plan out your dream kitchen.

Here are several tips you can use to help with that planning.

Take Notes

You will most likely be encountering every little quirk, issue and problem in your kitchen the more time you spend in it. Small floorspace concerns can become large floorspace concerns, lack of storage capability can be irritating when you’re trying to limit your grocery store trips, and you may end up wishing you had better ways to organize your various kitchen gadgets, cookware and utensils.

Therefore, it might be worth your while to keep track of the most irritating things, and then you will be able to take steps to rectify them.

Look at Photos

There are many websites that will give you lots of inspiring ideas. Look at Pinterest and Houzz, for example. You can search for any kitchen look that interests you.

If you can’t spend much time physically in kitchen showrooms, there’s still plenty to see online.


With going out for entertainment being greatly curtailed you may find yourself with more time on your hands and looking into better means to organize your kitchen is a great way to relieve boredom and be productive at the same time.

Consider what renovations you might want, appliances you might want to upgrade and compare those together. Our website has other great articles with more great suggestions regarding projects you might want to undertake.

Get a Quote

If you’ve been doing all that research and note taking you may have a great idea of what you want to do, and we, here, at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms are available over email, through a contact form on our website or over the phone. We would be happy to provide you with quotes and suggestions for your kitchen project.

Hopefully we’ve been able to provide you with some motivation to improve your kitchen and have something to look forward to.

Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms, based in Langley, BC, is your source for everything related to custom cabinetry. As the 2019 winner of the Vancouver Consumer Choice Award, they pride themselves on stellar customer service to match the quality of their cabinets.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about cabinets, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected].


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