In every kitchen, you will need storage and functionality. A kitchen island is a versatile inclusion that many home owners love the look of, but that also enhances a kitchen’s function because it adds extra storage and counterspace. You can use a kitchen island for eating and food preparation or even make it one of the main meeting places in your home for entertaining your children and friends. This blog explains six great benefits of a kitchen island.

  1. An island adds a storage area: If your kitchen doesn’t have a storage area, a kitchen island can solve your problem. With the great option for additional drawers, cabinets, and pull out shelves, the island is an extension to the existing kitchen storage. Often, kitchen storage is limited by the amount of wall space available. The island does not need any wall space, and it is possible to add a significant amount of storage underneath it.
  2. A kitchen island is great for kids: A kitchen island is great for your kids’ safety. You can work at the island and see what is happening where your kids are seated. Your back does not have to be to the children in the room.
  3. A kitchen island gives you an extra seating area: You can turn your kitchen island into an informal dining area for you and your kids. The kitchen area can act as additional seating when entertaining.
  4. You can place additional things on your kitchen island: This is a great way to make your kitchen more useful and functional. You can locate your sink or smaller prep sink or stove or cooktop on the island. You can have electrical outlets for appliances.
  5. Increased counter space: A kitchen island gives you a room to assemble meals, stir, chop, and serve dishes. The island can significantly add to counter space available.
  6. A kitchen island creates a physical room divide: Kitchen islands create a separation between kitchen and dining room or kitchen and family room. The island can considerably add to the room’s design by using a contrasting counter or special lighting fixtures.

There are many great reasons to have a kitchen island. If you have the space for one, you should definitely have one. Everyone likes an island, and it will probably add to your property’s value.

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