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If you are building a new home or remodeling your bathroom, you may be wondering if you can refinish your cabinets rather than replace them. The answer is “definitely.” In today’s blog we will talk about the subtle and not so subtle differences between refinishing vs. replacing cabinets.


Replacing cabinets will be more costly, however, you will have complete freedom to choose and have exactly what you want. One advantage of replacing is that you can have custom cabinetry to fill space that has unusual dimensions. The same is true in both kitchen and bathroom considerations.


Refinishing cabinets can mean several things. You can keep the cabinet boxes and just replace the doors, for example. You could re-stain or repaint the cabinets. A third possibility is to resurface the cabinets with a different “skin” or overlay which could be a different wood that shows a different grain or color. This is called refacing. You also always have the option of changing the cabinet hardware.

How to Choose Between Them

In order to choose between refacing/refinishing or replacing, budget will be the first consideration, and you should compare prices of the two options. Next, you should look at what kind of shape the cabinets are in, especially, inside. Are they in good shape? Is it just the style or look that you don’t like.

Also, what about the footprint. Are the cabinets where you want them to be? It may be possible to resize some older cabinets to better fit the space, but if you are making many changes, then it may be more cost-effective to just get new ones.

Reusing and refacing cabinets have become very popular because it is a way to continue using what you already have which is almost always the greener option. If you do decide to replace cabinets, then you will likely be able to sell the old ones or you may want to consider reusing them in your house somewhere else—like the laundry room.

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