There are basically four types of appliance colours: white, black, stainless steel, and custom panel fronts that match your cabinets. That said, stainless steel is what most people want because it looks classy, and stainless steel is very neutral for a “colour.”

So, what colour cabinet goes with stainless steel? Any colour goes with stainless steel which is one reason for the popularity of stainless.

You really can put any style and colour of cabinet with stainless steel and it will look great. However, for a particularly sleek and contemporary look, you may want to use either white or black cabinets with stainless. Or another bold colour like red, if that appeals to you.

Pale blue or gray cabinets paired with stainless steel cabinets will give you a monochromatic look. A monochromatic look is great in a minimalist design scheme.

Shiny, lacquered cabinets also will really add to the modern vibe. Nevertheless, any colour cabinets go with stainless steel appliances, and stainless-steel appliances will be a big plus for a future home buyer.

What is more important than the colour of the cabinets is that the appliances are all the same finish. We would recommend that if you want stainless steel, make all of the appliances stainless steel so there is repetition and continuity in your space. It will not look great if one appliance is white, one black, and the rest are stainless steel. Having all stainless steel appliances leads to an overall polished look.

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