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Many people dream of having a beautiful granite countertop in their kitchen. It’s one of the most popular items purchased in any renovation. People are drawn to the look of the stone and having a custom countertop adds value to a home.

But there are a lot of misconceptions concerning the maintenance and care of a granite countertop. Here are a few tips to keep that kitchen countertop looking amazing.

1.    Proper cleaning is essential
A good suggestion is to treat a granite countertop the same way one would treat any valuable piece of furniture. Clean spills immediately, use coasters and trivets, use sponges instead of scratchy pads, and avoid any cleaners that use acids like vinegar, ammonia, or lemon.

caring for granite countertops vancouver

2.    Remember it’s not a cutting board
Many people think that they can use the granite countertop instead of a cutting board. Not only will this damage your knives, it can leave little scratches in the surface of the granite. It makes far more sense to spend under $50 on a new cutting board than to replace your countertop.

3.    Seal your granite
Many companies recommend sealing your granite every 6 months, but always ask the company that sold you the countertop what they suggest. Some darker granites or denser granites do not need to be resealed that often. But sealing the countertop is something that must be done to protect the countertop and slow down the rate the stone absorbs liquids.

4.    Keep off the granite
A common mistake people make is to jump on the stone, thinking that it is impervious to damage. A good recommendation is to treat the countertop like you would any other. Yes, it’s not going to break, but sitting on it may lead to some slight warping or sagging.

With proper care and attention, a granite countertop can maintain its appearance and strength for decades. Elite Kitchen Centre proudly serves Greater Vancouver and will help you get, and care for, the countertop you have dreamed of.


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