One decision that frequently gets ignored, even when building custom kitchen cabinetry, is the finish on the cabinets. People spend time matching colour, choosing the right design, and then are faced with the challenge of that final option. Here is a quick look at how to choose the right cabinet finish.

Two very popular finishes are High Gloss and Flat Matte. Just like with photographs, gloss is shiny and matte isn’t. Depending on what kind of kitchen you want and the style you’ve chosen, you’ll want to carefully pick the finish as well.

High gloss is a more modern-looking finish that is shiny and reflects light well. It’s great if you have a smaller-sized kitchen and want to give the illusion of space. This shine is also good if you’re picking dark colours and want to brighten things up.

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Many young families in Greater Vancouver choose high gloss because it’s easy to clean, with just a soft, non-scratch cloth.

On the other hand, flat matte is a more traditional style and is perfect if you want a country-style kitchen. It’s very common in large kitchens with many colours because reflections aren’t a problem.

Another big advantage to matte finishes is that they don’t show fingerprints or marks. With no light reflections, you won’t see those spots or blemishes.

But some people feel that flat matte finishes, especially when done in the entire kitchen, can look a little boring. They choose to mix the two, using two different finishes to make the room look more interesting. They will use the high gloss on higher cabinets to reflect the light, and the flat matte on lower cabinets, so the fingerprints are less noticeable.

Whatever you choose, remember that there aren’t really any rules to follow. It’s all about what finishes you want on your cabinets. So come in and see us at Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms and we can help design your custom cabinets with the right finish.


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