Anyone who has ever tried to pick out a handle or knob for their kitchen cabinets knows how overwhelming it can be. You stare at rows and rows, boards and boards, catalog after catalog, trying your best to imagine how these pieces of metal will look in your home. It can be harder to choose the right handle than anything else you pick.

Here are a few suggestions we have to make it easier:

Decide what style you want first.
What style of kitchen are you going for? There are four main categories of kitchen cabinet hardware:

  • Traditional – usually decorative, with elaborate details, and a vintage feel
  • Contemporary – usually sleek lines, minimalistic colours and details
  • Transitional – a mix of traditional and contemporary
  • Eclectic – more personal and unique

If you know what you want, you can eliminate a lot of choices before you even begin.

Perfect Knobs

What type do you want?
Do you want a handle, a knob, or a mix of the two?

What size do you want?
Do you prefer large knobs, tiny handles, or something in between? Think about how they’ll fit in your and your family’s hands.

What metal and finish do you want?
Would you prefer brass, bronze, stainless steel, pewter, nickel, or something completely different, such as glass? Do you want your hardware shiny and bright, matte and more understated, or somewhere in the middle? Many times the way to decide what you want is by holding the different handles and knobs up against the cabinet doors you’ve chosen to see what looks best.

Just remember the most important point – there is no right answer. All of this is personal choice. Any good custom cabinetry company in Vancouver will always want to know your preferences first. Elite Kitchen Centre is the best choice in Vancouver to find the perfect handles, knobs, and hardware for your new cabinets.


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