With any bathroom renovation, one of the biggest choices is to decide on what is the right bathroom vanity. Some people want classic styles and others modern. Some bright bathrooms and others dark. But these are style choices, and each is correct for the person choosing. Here are some other things to consider when choosing your new bathroom vanity.

Bathroom limitations
Before starting to choose a vanity, consider these things:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Where is the plumbing?
  • Are there any obstacles, such as the door, shower, tub, or toilet?
  • What is the traffic flow?

By answering these questions first, you can help make your decision much easier.

Bathroom usage
Depending on who’s using the bathroom, you will figure out how much storage space you’ll need and how many sinks. If this is a vanity for a half bathroom, or a guest room, then you’ll need a smaller vanity and probably only one sink. If this is the main bathroom for a larger family, the more storage and sinks you can get, the better.

What kind of storage?
The simplest question to answer is whether you prefer shelves or doors. But your space limitations may make one work better than the other. One of the best things about coming to see Elite Kitchens is that we’ll customize your vanity to offer you the exact type of storage you want and make it work in your space.

Bathroom Vanity

Sinks and Fixtures
Now it’s time to start thinking about the personal style of the vanity. You get to choose what kind of sink you want – undermount, self-rimming, or vessel. You also get to choose the bathroom fixtures and faucet type.

At Elite Kitchens, we’ve been helping people in Langley and all over the Lower Mainland get the bathroom of their dreams. Come and talk to one of our friendly staff and we’ll show you the perfect vanity for your remodel.


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