Colours can figure into kitchen cabinet design in an unlimited number of creative ways. But in today’s blog article, we will give you an idea of some of the most common ways to incorporate colour into kitchen cabinet design.

Cabinet Colour

This may seem obvious, but it is more complicated than it sounds. There is the cabinet colour, but there is also the texture and the finish, all of which contribute to different looks and feels in a room.

Kitchen cabinets can all be the same colour, but they can be a myriad of different textures and finishes. In addition, cabinets can be stained (wood) or painted, and if painted, they can be made of lots of different materials. Cabinets can also have a shiny and sleek lacquer finish, which is typically sprayed on. Lacquer also stinks and is very toxic, so leave it to the professionals.

Uppers and Lowers

Another possibility is to have different colour uppers and lowers. This is very trendy today, and usually the darker colour is on the bottom, although the reverse can also be implemented. Sometimes cabinets are one colour but the island is a different colour.

Cabinet Hardware

Then there’s cabinet hardware which can also be a variety of colours and materials. Wrought iron is black and can give an old world feel. Glass pulls can feel retro or glamourous. Right now, most people want something that is metal, sleek, and contemporary.

White cabinets are also very trendy today, but be sure to choose something you like because what is trendy today may not be so trendy in 10 years when you want to sell your house. Also, keep in mind that the colour and finish of the cabinets will be emphasized by the colours of your backsplash, counter, and floor. Let a design person help you to make everything go together seamlessly.

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