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granite & quartz countertop
One of the most important decisions any homeowner will make regarding a new kitchen installation is regarding their countertops. Your kitchen counters will be utilized as much or more than your appliances, and therefore, the surface material you choose must be and in many cases, timeless.

Granite and quartz are both durable and popular materials that many homeowners are choosing simply because of their elegance and high performance. While you may be overwhelmed by the variety available, there are unique differences between the options in granite and quartz that make them very different.

Granite is a natural material, coming from a large slab of stone that is extracted from the earth making it an eco-friendly building material. Natural variations in each slab will differ because no two pieces will be exactly alike. Because of its natural striations in the stone, seams can be more evident if your kitchen design has any bends or curves that require cuts. The colours available will vary, from earth tones to greens, pinks and blues. Given that granite is naturally porous, once installed it needs to be sealed with the appropriate sealer.

Both granite and quartz are excellent options for kitchen countertops. While some homeowners prefer having a unique natural material such as granite in their home, others may prefer the uniformity of quartz because it is man-made, which means it will always look the same. It is just as high-performing and durable as granite but in some cases, may be a better choice. Seaming in the countertops with quartz is much easier to hide making it more popular in designs with many angles and cuts.

Renovating your kitchen and choosing a countertop material that you love long-term means educating yourself about the options. Both granite and quartz and durable and high-performing. If you have question about which to choose, our experts at Elite Kitchens can help you make the right decision for your home. 


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