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If you’re considering a kitchen renovation and looking at kitchen cabinet design, you might be asking yourself “drawers or rollout trays?” Here we will take a look at the difference between them, and their roles when designing custom kitchen cabinets.

Rollout Trays

These rollout shelves can often be adjusted for how much height you want between each shelf. This can work to your advantage, as it allows you to maximize that space in your cabinet, setting each tray to the perfect height to avoid wasted dead space.

Rollout trays often have low sides. The downside of this is that if you are not organized and neat, you may find items more easily fall of the sides or back when you are opening or sliding these shut.

Rollout trays are an excellent option for storing pots and pans, small appliances such as food processors and blenders, and glass cookware.


Kitchen drawers in custom kitchen cabinets can come in an array of sizes and depths. Drawers work excellent to store items that may not be as organized, such as Tupperware or plastic containers. They may also hold organizational devices such as cutlery organizers or small boxes for other essential items.

Drawers are good at holding things and not letting them fall out compared to trays. They do not work as well for pots and pans, or those small appliances. Also be wary as drawers tend to be more likely to be overstuffed. So if you are not the most organized person, you may find they quickly become a mess.

The recommendation for designing a custom kitchen is that you include a combination of these things. As mentioned, both kitchen drawers and rollout trays serve specific purposes, and as such, a combination is best suited.


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