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Surfaces in kitchens are becoming easier and easier to clean. While many of these surface materials are new, some are not and have always been good choices. In today’s blog article, we will talk about some of the easy-care surfaces in the kitchen.


All solid-surface counter tops are easy to clean. These include stone ones like granite, composite ones like quartz, and even solid surface ones like Corian. These surfaces clean up quickly with liquid dish soap and warm water, and they are resistant to staining and blemishes.

Some of the less expensive counters like laminate are also easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. Laminates clean up readily with warm water and a non-abrasive cleanser.


Contemporary cabinets with a sleek, modern lacquer finish will be easy to clean with a sponge or micro-fiber cloth. What types of cleaning products you should use will vary depending on the material and the finish of the cabinets. But you can never go wrong with a soft cloth and warm water—which is the universal solvent.


Backsplashes will be easy to clean, again with just soap and water, if they are tile, stainless steel, glass, or even vinyl wallpaper. Don’t worry if you backsplash gets dirty—that’s why you have a backsplash: to catch splashes.


Cooktops also clean up with soap and warm water. Don’t use anything abrasive unless specifically instructed to do so by the manufacturer. On glass, use a micro-fiber cloth. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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