It seems that as quickly as summer came, it has gone and fall is upon ins. One look outside at the fall colours is enough evidence that it is time to pull out the fall decorations, and have that new kitchen remodel in Langley get some decorative touches for fall. Here are some decoration ideas.

Seasonal Gourd Basket

Nothing says Fall like gourds. Gourds is the term to refer to any winter squash or similar fruit, including pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, melons and more. Some gourds are simply decorative and not edible, whereas others, like acorn squash, provide excellent decoration and can then be enjoyed as part of a meal. Creating a table centerpiece using gourds provides an easy, fall decoration.

Table Runner

If you have decided to go with a season table basket, you may also want to highlight this by picking up a fall themed table runner. This works perfectly with gourds to really show that fall has arrived.

Fall Linens

Linens such as kitchen towels do provide part of your kitchen decor (in addition to being functional!). It is time to put away your summer linens and replace these with some with fall designs such as colourful leaves.

Fall Foliage

Of course, Fall means that the colour of leaves on most trees have begun to change from green to all sorts of shades of red, orange and brown. Bring this into your kitchen by picking up some fall foliage and placing it in a vase to show off. This makes an excellent addition to an island counter space.

Give these easy fall decorating ideas a try and make your kitchen stand out. Remember, for all your kitchen renovation needs, go with Elite Kitchens.


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