Most of us feel like we never have enough counter space. Whether you use your counters for food prep or appliances or anything else, counter space is always at a premium. There are, however, a few things you can do to increase your kitchen counter space: temporarily or permanently. Here are our tips on increasing counter space.


The easiest way to increase counter space is to add some counter in the form of an island—if you have room for it—or some other workstation. For example, you could add a small butcher block counter on wheels just for chopping. Or you could have a small square counter with a stone top, again on wheels, just for handling dough.

These kinds of small counter areas that are task oriented can be stowed when not in use and are always available when you need them. If space allows, you can permanently extend counters in any direction to add square footage.


Under the temporary category, the simplest solution is to make your kitchen minimalist and put away everything on the counter. For example, once dishes are washed and dried, the whole drying rack can be stowed under the sink to add a couple more linear feet of counter.

If you put away all your small appliances, and only take them out when you are using them, you will gain a significant amount of counter space. Things like mixers, toasters, and coffee makers definitely do not need to be sitting out on the counter all the time, especially when counter space is limited.

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