There are never any hard and fast rules for design. Design is subjective by definition. However, if you are wondering what elements are commonly seen in a country kitchen design, we can give you a few hints.


For most people, country means rustic. Elements that suggest a rustic design are things like stone floors or wood floors, exposed beams, and wallpaper or textured walls. What is absent are all the things that would be used to make something look sleek and minimalist with clean lines.


Cabinets would be more detailed. They might be painted or painted with a distressed finish. Or cabinets may be obviously wood and often stained a medium or dark colour. Cabinet hardware might be wrought iron or hand painted.


Counters might be wood or butcher block. If any stone is used for counters the stone is more likely to be a uniform colour and less likely to have sophisticated patterns.


Colours are used more freely in a country kitchen design to give a warm and lived-in look. Country kitchens are not typically neutral coloured or monochromatic.

Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures will be more traditional and detailed. They may be wrought iron or anything that is reminiscent of the past. There would not be smooth metal and glass which looks sleek.

A country kitchen design may have appliances that look old-fashioned even if they are new. The whole idea of a country kitchen design is to echo a warmer, simpler past. Chairs or bar stools could be wood or upholstered.

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