Kitchen countertop accessories typically fall into one of two categories: they are either functional or decorative. Sometimes they are both. Some people like lots of accessories out on the countertop and others prefer a more minimalistic vibe with everything hidden away. With this in mind, in today’s blog article, we are going to give you some ideas for countertop accessories.


Indispensable for some would be coffee paraphernalia, such as a coffee maker, and possibly cups, spoons and sugar bowl. To make this a bit more decorative you could put all the smaller items in a bowl or basket or on a tray.

Those who use a stand mixer, might like that to live on the counter. These can be heavy and not so easy to move around, so it makes sense to keep it out if you use it regularly. Some brands exist in stylish colours that might appeal to you.

Some keep a cutting board on the counter all the time. If you are installing a new counter, you can ask for a couple of small cutting boards to be made for you out of any solid surface off-cuts, although wood cutting boards are easier on your knives.


Maybe you would like to have a pretty calendar standing on the counter, although many of us rely on our phones for that. If you put out fresh flowers frequently, then you could leave a pretty vase out on the counter. You could leave out a pretty bowl that contains candy or matches or anything interesting.

You could also consider leaving out some of your mixing spoons or utensils in a big jar near your cooktop. This is a question of personal taste. They will get dusty if you do not use them regularly.

There are no rules for what to leave out on the kitchen counter. It will depend on how you use your kitchen, what you like, and who frequents your kitchen space. If you need help with your bathroom or kitchen design in Vancouver, give us a call in Langley, BC, at (604) 533-4541.

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