Happy New Year


Happy New Year from all of us at Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms!

Happy New Year!!! It’s like when you were a kid and you got shiny new school supplies in September – well, for me it was so exciting and the promise of a clean slate. I feel the same with the date January 1, 2017. It’s time to turn over the calendar, a new leaf, a fresh start. The pages of 2017 have not yet been written and contain so much promise right now, and for me that means looking around and making things new. Especially once you take down the Christmas decorations, things look a little “blah” and I have the urge to “shake things up” a bit! It’s my favourite time to do some upgrades to my home. If you are considering an upgrade or a renovation, I have spent some time researching the trends for 2017 and they are really exciting! Come join me for a look at what 2017 is expected to have in store…

Laundry Rooms

Happy New Year
The kitchen and bathrooms have been taking centerstage for a while now with respect to renovations, but 2017 looks to be the year for the laundry room renovation to become popular. When you consider how much time you actually do spend there, as quite often it is also a multi-purpose room acting as mudroom, or in my case, gift wrapping station, it warrants some love and attention. The trend is to bring in more light, have better and more attractive storage as well as better function. Instead of keeping the laundry room an unattractive work space, you can create a lovely space with beautiful cabinetry and organized storage that makes you want to do laundry…well, maybe that is taking it a bit far, but you get the idea! Obviously, Ken at Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms is a great resource to be able to help you create a more functional and better organized laundry room. Although our name is kitchens and bathrooms, we don’t stop there!


Between the studs

Happy New Year
This is such a creative way to find extra storage space, and isn’t that always the goal? I saw this idea and had to get Ken to make one right away-it’s our own little electric toothbrush niche! But, it doesn’t have to stop there, consider putting a recessed niche in between the studs beside your toilet. This is a great place to store extra toilet paper and even your toilet brush! With the price of housing rising beyond reach for many, why not make changes in the home you live to give yourself more space without the expense of moving? This is a little change that could give you more breathing space where you live right now. It is proving to be popular and expected to continue throughout 2017! I like this idea – let’s see how creative people will be with this one!

Contrasting Islands

Creating some “pop” in the kitchen for 2017! White kitchen cabinetry is still proving to be popular, but instead of having the entire kitchen in white, it is becoming the trend to have the islands stand out by being a contrasting colour-even as bold as black! This is definitely a statement!!!

Wainscoting in the bathroom??? I have always loved wainscoting and how it makes me feel nostalgic. Now, it appears that this trend is expected to be showing up in bathrooms and I am quite excited to see the many new looks that an old favourite can have! I am looking at my bathroom a whole new way…warning Ken, you may be putting up some wainscoting at home in 2017!!!

Kitchen “Stations”

Happy New Year
Entertaining in your own kitchen! I have always loved having my own “baking station” where all my baking supplies are housed in upper cabinets and the countertop holding my Kitchenaid mixer with a drawer below holding all my baking utensils. It’s great to have things all together right where I need them. But why stop at a baking station? Why not a coffee station? It looks great with mugs and specialty coffees and even hot chocolate making supplies on a tray beside the Keurig…you get the picture! When guests come to visit, it just looks so inviting. Almost like a bed and breakfast! You could also have a “tea station” if coffee isn’t your thing. There are some really lovely tea boxes to hold a variety of teas that would look lovely on the counter. And for those who socialize later in the day, why not a “bar” in the kitchen? If you have the room, we could modify the cabinetry to make it completely individualized to entertain YOUR way.

Wood is in!

Happy New Year
Although most agree that wood cabinet doors will most likely stand the test of time, there have been some unfortunate stain colours that have created a “fad” and can definitely date your kitchen. To stand the test of time, a natural stain on your wood kitchen is not only timeless, but also a trend expected to last long beyond 2017. With a warm stain, the beauty of the wood grain shines through. And think beyond the oak cabinets in your moms’ kitchen…there are so many more options to choose from including alder, bamboo and rift oak to name a few! This is just one of my favourites that we did a few years ago, but I guess you can say it was ahead of its time! Still looking great!

Statement Sinks

Happy New Year
Why have a boring sink when you can individualize it to your personal style? Glass bowls, sinks in many shapes and sizes, your limit is your imagination! This is a great way to make a statement in a powder room. According to Houzz, 88% of bathroom renovations include a new sink. Be bold with your colour, shape or design-it’s what is on trend for 2017!

Walls of Tile

I bet you didn’t guess this one! It is a new trend expected to take off in 2017 where you tile an entire wall of your kitchen or bathroom. This would definitely make quite a statement! In a small bathroom, this doesn’t have to cost a lot, but would be quite impactful! Would you do this? I might be staying with my wainscoting, but if you are a trendsetter, this might be up your alley!

And last, but not least, the colour of 2017…(drum roll please!)

According to Benjamin Moore is Shadow – a dark grey tone. Take a c=look at their colour pallet video above. So, finally the white shades seem to be a giving way to more colour. If Shadow is not your cup of tea, perhaps Pantone’s colour of the year, click here to see : Greenery, will make you smile! It is a bright leaf green that can be used sparingly to just add a pop of colour. With the hope of a new year, there is always the excitement of what is to come. May your new year be filled with joy and accomplishment as we move forward to see what else is in store for you! Happy New Year to everyone – may it be beyond your hopes and expectations!

From all of us at Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms, to all of you!

—Ken & Verona


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