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If you like having a festive feel in the kitchen over the holidays, you have probably been tempted by all kinds of decorations. It’s fun to brighten things up with lights or candles, a few festive accents here and there, and maybe you’ve even put the baking things somewhere handy because you’re expecting to use them more than you usually do. But the holiday season is also a time when things can be a bit chaotic and crowed, there’s
a lot of cleaning up to do, and clutter is a big threat. How can you decorate your kitchen for the holidays without causing more trouble than the decorations are worth?

Go Up High

Decorations are not things you’ll be needing while you cook and bake in the kitchen over the holidays. So start with some touches up high where you can’t store anything useful anyway. This is a good opportunity to get out a ladder, dust cabinet tops or clean the top of the refrigerator, and then put pine boughs up high where they can be seen but won’t be in the way. You can even thread some lights through them for a really charming holiday look.

Easy-to-Move Accents

Holiday Greetings from Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms Langley BC

 If you do put smaller decor accents on counter tops or the table, use items that are easy to move. A centrepiece that is made up of many small pieces and will leave bits behind is just going to be frustrating, so choose something solid that can be picked up and put on another surface without a lot of fuss.

Windows and Shades

 Making a frame of lights around the window or using festive holiday ribbons around shades or curtains will spice up the way your windows look and won’t get in the way of your day-to-day kitchen use.


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