It is always fun to look at and discuss the newest and hot kitchen trends as we roll into the new year. Now that the holidays are past, in today’s blog article, we will look at what is new and exciting in kitchens for 2024.


The white kitchen is finally going away. White kitchens were everywhere and in every television renovation show for years. Now we are trending away from white kitchens. There is a return to wood cabinets, trim, and accents, and a blend of different materials.

Smart Kitchens

Smart appliances and smart kitchens are all the rage. Many new appliances can be Wi-Fi connected, allowing homeowners to start them or shut them off at a distance. Charging stations for smartphones and other devices are also often pre-wired into walls.


We are seeing more exciting details in the design. For example, light fixtures are more ornate and things like range hoods may have interesting design elements.


More people are taking steps to hide appliances, making them built-in and less visible. Historically, a range might be the focal point in a kitchen. Now it might be the range hood or the island that is the focal point.

Hidden Kitchens

For those with the space available, there is also a trend to have some appliances in a back room or butler’s pantry where noise and mess can be taken out of the space where guests will congregate. We all know that guests love to stand in the kitchen.

We love what is happening in 2024 and are available to help you if you want to make some changes in your kitchen design. If you need help with your bathroom or kitchen design in Vancouver, give us a call in Langley, BC, at (604) 533-4541.

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