Your Vancouver kitchen is calling out for the perfect granite countertops! This upscale finish adds beauty and value to your home, something all homeowners want when they are working on their property. There are many types and finishes of granite countertops, however, so it can sometimes be hard to narrow down your choices. Here’s how to choose the perfect granite countertops for your Vancouver kitchen.

Consider your budget — how much do you have to spend on your kitchen, and how much have you allocated toward countertops specifically? Regular granite is beautiful, of course, but the added beauty of specialty or exotic granite might be worth increasing your budget slightly. Either way, make sure your ideal countertops fit into your price range before you buy.

Think about the colour and finish you would like. Your countertops should match the rest of your kitchen, while still standing out as a special feature. When making this decision factor in the entire look of your kitchen and any attached rooms, from paint to flooring to cabinet colours.

You may be able to pick up small samples of your preferred granite countertops for your Vancouver kitchen. Seeing the granite in the room in which it will be installed, under the lighting in your home and surrounded by other finishes can help you decide which finish would look the best.

Professional kitchen and bathroom services can always step in to help you make your final decision. Work with the experts to determine what you need — they have helped finish many Vancouver kitchens in the past and should be able to direct you to the best choices for your needs if you are stuck.

Once you have decided, enjoy! Your granite countertops are sure to be gorgeous.


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