Updating or changing anything in your kitchen can be both and exciting and a daunting task. Every item in a kitchen has a huge amount of options to choose from – colors, materials, styles, and more! When it comes to changing your kitchen faucet, you should not only look at your personal style, but also what is the most functional for you, and what suits your beautiful kitchen.

Many different styles and functions exist when looking at kitchen faucets. We will explore some of those below. From the height of the faucet, to color and finish, to spray features – there’s a lot to think about when replacing your kitchen faucet!

Replacing a Faucet – What Fits?

If you are simply replacing the faucet on an existing kitchen sink, check to see how many pre-existing holes there are from the old faucet. To keep a project simple, it is usually best to stick to the same faucet style to avoid having to replace the kitchen sink as well. In some cases, a side sprayer or soap dispenser can be added or removed depending on your preferences.

Faucet Height

Be aware of any restrictions to the height of your faucet – such as low hanging cabinets above the sink. Taller faucets tend to suit sinks that are underneath a window, or on a kitchen island.

Color and Finish

Kitchen faucets come in many colors and finishes: nickel, polished chrome, stainless steel – just to name a few. Evaluate your personal preferences for the look of the faucet, and also check to see how your chosen color and finish will match with your kitchen.

Spray Features

To add functionality to your kitchen sink, look for faucet features such as pull-down sprayers, side sprays, and hose coils. These options will change both the functionality and the look of your faucet.

Changing the look of your faucet – and your kitchen – is a huge task. Start small by following these tips to select your ideal kitchen faucet.



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