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Often in large kitchen builds or renovations, clients opt for two sinks in the kitchen. One sink is the main sink where you would, for example, wash dishes, and the second sink has a different purpose.

Should you include two sinks in the kitchen design? Here are some considerations in making that decision:

The most common roles for the second sink are a prep sink or a bar sink. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Prep Sink

A prep sink is small sink located near where you will spend most of your time chopping and preparing food. Whether you would benefit from a prep sink depends on a couple of things.

First, where will you be standing to do food prep? If you have a lot of counter real estate, and you will not be doing food preparation right next to the big sink, then a small prep sink is a big convenience. It saves you from carrying items back and forth to the big sink.

Second, do you do a lot of cooking? And is there often more than person doing food prep? If so, then a second prep sink will make your kitchen more efficient.

Bar Sink

A bar sink is useful if you entertain and prepare cocktails often. Wherever it is that you will be standing to prepare drinks is where you would want a bar sink. The availability of a second sink makes drink preparation much easier, and during parties, there will be less congestion at the big sink.

Keep in mind that prep sinks and bar sinks will get less use than the main sink. For that reason, you can opt for something beautiful and artistic, and quite different from the main sink, where function and durability will be the primary concern. If you have a big kitchen, a second sink is a great idea, and you will soon wonder how you ever functioned without one.

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