A custom kitchen island is a wonderful and popular addition to a kitchen, assuming you have the space and footprint for one to fit. There is no limit to what you can put in or on a custom kitchen island, but in today’s blog, we will give you a few hints on some innovative design ideas. Obviously, how you use your kitchen and how it is arranged overall will dictate what makes the most sense for your custom kitchen island. For the island, function should dictate form.

Island Countertop

Sometimes clients want or would benefit from an island countertop that is different from the rest of the kitchen. What you choose depends on how you will use the island. If chopping and food prep are frequent, you may want butcher block or wood. If you love working with dough, stone or marble might be appropriate.

Waterfall installation of the counter is another possibility if you like a contemporary and sleek look. Another possibility would be a stainless-steel counter on the island for the gourmet cook.

You also have to consider if there are any appliances in or on the island. For example, if your main sink is in the island, then a surface that will not be damaged by water is a good choice. Will people be sitting and eating at the island? If so, then an easy-to-clean surface is important like quartz.


If your main sink is somewhere other than on your custom island, and the island is large enough, then a second, small, prep sink is a good idea. This is a sink that will not have the same wear and tear as the main sink but can be used to rinse vegetables or prepare cocktails for example. Because this sink will not have harsh use, you can splurge and pick out something beautiful or unusual or hand painted to give you a few ideas. The prep sink can be a work of art.

Other Ideas

Some other innovative ideas for a kitchen island would be to include refrigerated drawers or a wine fridge below. You could designate a part of the island as your bar or your coffee station. Be sure to include ample electrical outlets for plugging in small appliances. Some bookshelves on the side would be a great place for a few cookbooks. How about one lower drawer in the island designated for children’s toys or unbreakable plastic if you have toddlers in the house, so that kids are welcome in the kitchen, and you know where they are?

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