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Quartz and Granite Countertops Vancouver

Granite and Quartz kitchen countertop surfaces are not only stunning, they are exceptionally strong, durable, and practical. Both are extremely popular in kitchen design and make an excellent choice for your countertops. You may be overwhelmed by the variety available, but there are unique differences between granite and quartz to consider when you are weighing your options for a countertop material. . Enjoy the mineral-rich colours in your home as flooring, counter tops, in a vanity or in exterior applications.

Click the links below to view the Quartz collections.

classico quartz collection at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms

Caesarstone Gallery

Cambria Quartz Swatches

Cambria Gallery

Silestone Quartz Swatches

Silestone Gallery

Links to Elite’s Quartz Collections: 

Caesarstone Quartz Counter-top Collections 

Cambria Design Palette

Silestone Quartz

Quartz Counter-top Collections:

Quartz is a coloured manufactured material, sometimes referred to as solid surfacing. Given that it is man-made, there is always uniformity in the design of the product. What you see on a sample is exactly what you will get. This makes it a popular choice for creative kitchen designs that require seaming in the countertops, as seams are much easier to hide with quartz. It is made to mimic granite and is a high performing product – it’s harder than glass. The material is made up of approximately 90% quartz and 10% epoxy binder, unlike granite, which is 100% natural stone.

Inspiration Gallery – Granite & Quartz Kitchen Counter-tops

Both granite and quartz are excellent options for kitchen countertops. While some homeowners prefer having a unique natural material such as granite in their home, others may prefer the uniformity of quartz.

Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms Granite Countertops Vancouver – We can source and install a full selection of colours and styles for any granite or quartz application.  Take a look through the following gallery to see some granite and quartz countertops and other projects we’ve recently completed for our clients. (Click on an image to enlarge it.)

Granite as Island Countertop
Modern Granite Kitchen Island Countertop
Granite Kitchen Island Countertop 2
Granite Kitchen Countertop
Granite Kitchen Island Countertop
Granite Kitchen Countertop

Granite Collections:

Granite is a natural material, coming from a large slab of stone that is extracted from the earth. This makes it a slightly more expensive option, but also an eco-friendly building material. It can range in colour from earth tones, to blues, greens and pinks. It will show natural variations in the slab because no two pieces will be exactly alike. Because of its natural striations in the stone, seams may be more evident if your kitchen design has any bends or curves that require cuts. Granite is naturally porous, and will need to be sealed once installed and will also require re-sealing over time.

Click the tiles below to view the stone patterns available in each granite collection.

Regular Granite from Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms Langley BC

Browse Regular Granites

Specialty Granite from Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms Langley BC

Browse Specialty Granites

Exotic Granites from Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms Langley BC

Browse Exotic Granites

Links to Granite Collections: Regular Granite – Specialty Granite – Exotic Granite

Edge Profiles: Granites


Granite Edge Profiles schematic

Granite Edge Profiles


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