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Walking into an old home, or a heritage home, can be a real eye opener to how things have changed from then to now. Rooms are designed very differently these days and nowhere is that more evident than the kitchen.

In the past, kitchens were designed to be used by either the housewife or the maid and no one else ever set foot into it. Aesthetics weren’t as important as functionality, but yet there was very little consideration given to what the user actually needed to properly produce a meal.

Kitchen cupboards were designed as if they were cabinets attached to a wall. It was common to see heavy wood used, turning the simple act of opening the door into a workout. Instead of finding out what would go in the cupboards and then designing around that, the homeowner had to figure out how they could fit their possessions into the cupboards.

A packed cupboard

Owners of older homes in Vancouver also know the problem of space in a kitchen. Many cupboards were built to be as deep as possible so they could store everything needed. The upside is that they can shove every appliance away. The downside is that there’s no way more than one person can cook at one time. That might not have been a problem in the past, but it really doesn’t work today.

At Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms, we do things in the opposite way. Instead of trying to force you to fit your life into your kitchen, we fit your kitchen to your life. With our custom designed and built cabinetry, you will have a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. If you need more space for wine, or coffee, or baking, or whatever you use the most in your kitchen, we can help you enjoy it.

Come and see how our kitchen cabinets aren’t what they used to be – they’re so much better.


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