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Unique Kitchen Storage Solutions for Summer

Hello Summer! It sure has been a long time and I really missed you! Glad to have you back! I think I am speaking for a number of people when I say that!

So what can I share with you this summer? I pondered and then I thought about what I really love doing: organizing. Is that a bit weird? Nerdy perhaps? Either way, I love to find solutions to storage problems and isn’t that what a kitchen is all about? Storing what we need and keeping it close at hand for when we need it. So, I would like to share with you some unique storage solutions we have found. Hang on, it’s gonna be a wild ride!!!

Most of the time, I find that we have more stuff than cupboard space. Stuffing lots of things in drawers and cupboards is really not the best solution-we still need to be able to find it and get it out of the cupboard without an avalanche to follow! So, obviously, we need to first establish what we need and what we can do without. I have some rules that help determine what to keep and what to let go of:

  1. Do you use it? If you have a turkey baster, but are a vegetarian, you probably don’t use it.
  2. Do you have more than one? Sometimes this is a good idea-I have two sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons because I tend to be baking or cooking a number of things at once—another weird quirk of mine! If you have three spatulas, perhaps you could let one go…
  3. How frequently do you use it? If you haven’t used it in over a year or only use it once a year, this is something that can be stored elsewhere: an overhead cupboard, in the garage, etc. I keep my turkey roaster on top of the cupboard above my fridge. It’s so high up that I need a chair to get to it, but it only gets used once a year, so that’s a great place for it!
  4. Is it broken? If it doesn’t work, it’s time to let it go. You might need to replace it, but for this purpose, you can let it go.

Okay, now we have reduced. Next, we need to get creative with where to put what. Yup, that was a sentence—not my best, but qualifies nonetheless!

Where to put the cleaning supplies, including the mop and broom? We can help by creating a tiny cupboard on the end of your cabinets to hold all the essentials close at hand but still looking neat and tidy! Perfect! Here is one we did for a lovely customer recently.

Kitchen Storage Solutions #1

A tiny cupboard is the perfect place to store cleaning supplies, including the mop and broom!

Kitchen Storage Solutions #2

Everything is close at hand, and perfectly organized!

No space in your kitchen for a broom closet? Not to worry—we can build you a custom broom closet anywhere! Our home didn’t come with one, so we found a little space in our powder room. We made the closet fit in the corner, so it didn’t interfere with traffic flow, but held everything we needed! We can do the same for you! That is the beauty of a custom cabinet company—if you have a need or a dream, we can help it become a reality!

Kitchen Storage Solutions #3

A custom broom closet takes up very little space, and can be built anywhere!

What to store in that awkward place above the fridge? Cookie sheets, large platters and cutting boards, oh my! We can custom design your kitchen to accommodate all your specific needs! Here’s a peek into my kitchen (and you can see the large turkey roaster sitting on the shelf on top of my cookie sheets!!!)

Kitchen Storage Solutions #4

A custom cabinet above the fridge is the perfect place to store larger items, like cookie sheets.

What about your baking supplies? I like to keep mine all together in one drawer. Actually, I designed our kitchen so that I have a “baking section” where the upper cupboard holds all my baking staples, like flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. On the counter directly below the cupboard and above this drawer is where I keep my KitchenAid mixer. Just the way I like it—organized! I noticed the other day that my baking drawer was looking a bit overcrowded, so I did what I tell others to do and threw out the duplicates. Then I had a handy guy from Elite (Ken!!!) make me this lovely divider. The good news is that you can have Ken make you one too! Now my baking drawer looks neat, and I can easily find everything!

Kitchen Storage Solutions #5

I love this customer divider for my baking supplies drawer! Thanks, Ken!!

Still on the baking front, there are just some items that are difficult to store and get to, so here are two more ideas for keeping your KitchenAid attachments and your baking measurements organized (I just love the second one!):

Kitchen Storage Solutions #6

Hooks were installed to hang KitchenAid attachments. Brilliant!

Kitchen Storage Solutions #7

What a beautiful way to store measuring cups and spoons!

Where to keep your tea towels? Another great idea from Ken at Elite! We put a drawer under our kitchen sink to store all the kitchen linens. You might think there isn’t enough room in the cupboard under the sink, but I can assure you, we have plenty for a garburator and all those cleaning supplies, the green bin and towels as well! Since we are having a tour of my kitchen, I might as well show you my under-the-sink-drawer too!

Kitchen Storage Solutions #8

A custom drawer below the sink is handy for kitchen towels!

And here is a handy little attachment to put inside your cupboard door to keep things handy and organized (see all the room under the sink still!)

Kitchen Storage Solutions #9

A custom attachment inside the cupboard door keeps everything organized!

Here at Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms, we try to be innovative and find ways to keep your kitchen organized. We would love to help you find the best way for your kitchen to reflect your lifestyle. A kitchen can be both beautiful and functional. We would love to help you make your kitchen both!


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