It seems every year new trends are emerging. Whether this is clothing, music or even kitchen design, you want to stay ahead of these trends. If you plan on going for a custom kitchen design or renovation in 2020, here are some of the newest trends you may want to consider.

Minimalist Handles

Handles are perhaps the smallest thing that can have the largest impact on any kitchen. Handles have seen lots of changes throughout the years, going from large, ornate brass to simple brushed nickel. The newest handle trends for 2020 are to go as discreet as possible. In fact, hidden handles are as trendy as it gets. For 2020, choose cabinets with hidden handle cut-outs, or go with as minimalistic handles as you can.

Oversized Pantries

This trend will hinge on whether your home has space for it or not, but over sized pantries are perhaps one of the more popular trends to emerge. An oversized pantry will provide plenty of space to organize everything from pots and pans, to bags of flour, and even small appliances, making accessing these things a breeze.

Hidden Range Hoods

It seems like it was just yesterday that large, stainless steel rangehoods above your range was the latest trend, but this has changed. Lets face it, even fancy range hoods are not that visually pleasing, and hiding these with cabinets, or framing and finishing can make a kitchen look much cleaner. You may even consider having your tile or marble backsplash be part of hiding the range hood.

Other trends new for 2020 include darker cabinets, coloured appliances, and shallow shelves above your backsplash. Whatever design choices you make, make sure it is something you will enjoy for years to come. Elite Kitchens can help you plan and carry out your dream kitchen in this new decade.


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