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Custom kitchen islands provide opportunities for added space and organization in your home.

If an island getaway isn’t in the plans for you right now, there is another kind of island that may be exactly what you are looking for! Kitchen islands are very popular at the moment and for good reason! They are great ways to expand your counterspace, give extra seating and storage, but there is more to having an “island oasis” than that!

Just imagine, the holiday party at your place. Where does it end up? In the kitchen, always! Now imagine your kitchen with an island-that is, unless you already have one! This is where the party is. The guests all mingling around the island, perhaps some sitting on the stools at the breakfast bar, others resting their wine glasses on the countertop while nibbling the appetizers set out in front of them…well, that certainly makes an island sound inviting! But it doesn’t stop there, I have more ideas for how to use that extra space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Island with Gas Stovetop

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First, consider the function the custom kitchen island would have. Would it be mainly for extra storage space? How about for extra seating and countertop? What about to house your larger appliances? Or, how about an additional sink or cooktop area? These are some of the ways you can maximize your custom kitchen island.

Consider putting in a single sink for vegetable prep with a new in-counter compost bin. These bins fit just under the counter and have a stainless lid that can be removed to add to the bin from the counter. The bin has a sleeve that can be emptied at a later time.

Sometimes, you might just want the kitchen island to be storage.

How about a place to put your microwave so that it doesn’t take up counter space?

Photo Credit ashevillearchitects on flickr

Photo Credit ashevillearchitects on flickr

Or something that might come in very handy at your holiday party, a wine storage area. Adding a wine rack and a wine fridge to your custom kitchen island seems to be winning idea for keeping everyone at the party from becoming thirsty!

And where do you keep your cookbooks? How about in a rack at the end of your kitchen island. Handy and they might just inspire others in the family to start making dinner…well, I can dream.

Another idea for the kitchen island is a place to store your appliances and seldom used larger serving dishes. If you would prefer the clean counter look but find it cumbersome to haul out the Kitchenaid mixer every time you want to bake cookies, consider a heavy-duty mixer appliance lift! It stores your mixer in the cupboard and when you need it, it lifts it forward and up. Now that’s what I call clever customization!

Speaking of mixers, does your holiday include some baking? Did you know that bakers recommend a marble slab for rolling out dough? Marble stays cold and prevents the dough from sticking and keeps it cool longer so it stays manageable to handle. Not only is marble good for bakers, but candy makers and anyone who has ever made homemade ice cream also enjoys the benefits of marble. Consider a marble countertop for your island and you have a ready-made baking center! If you would like some help with the ice cream, I know a few people who might be able to help out with eating it!

With so many uses, a custom kitchen island does make a lot of sense. If you would like to know if putting an island in your kitchen would work, consult with one of our design specialists at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms and find out what works for you.


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