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For anyone who does laundry, the laundry room is important, and the homeowner will spend lots of time in that room. Here are some ideas for making your laundry room more functional when renovating.


While you will certainly be limited by space available, if you have room for it, include a sink, and the bigger, the better. Often some fabrics need some kind of pre-treatment before washing, and if you don’t have a sink in the laundry room, then whoever does the laundry will be using the kitchen or bathroom sink. Having the sink inside the laundry room means less water on the floor when you carry wet items to the washing machine.

Also, sinks in a laundry room can serve as pet washing stations, so be sure to include a faucet with a spray attachment and movable arm.


If at all possible, include enough space for a drying rack. Many of us have clothing items that don’t go in the dryer. If they cannot go in the dryer, then you need an appropriate place to hang them. In addition, more floor space means you can have a closet or two and room for an ironing board. In fact, if you have enough room, a desk area for a sewing machine is a great idea.

Cabinets and Counters

Include cabinets and counters if at all possible. Cabinets can hold cleaning products, rags, and other assorted items like lingerie bags or tools or batteries and garbage bags. Counters mean that you have room to fold clothes on a hard surface, and they will make your laundry life easier. You are unlikely to invite guests into your laundry room, so feel free to make some cost savings with a less expensive counter material.

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