The sink in the kitchen is a big deal. So, when you are doing a major renovation, you will want to give careful consideration to what kind of sink you want. In today’s blog, we will discuss the most important points to consider when choosing a new kitchen sink.


The first consideration is size. How big of a sink do you want and/or need? The question here is how much cooking do you do, and how big are your pots which will have to be washed?

In addition, you have to look at how much space you have to work with. If your kitchen area is small, then you will not want a giant sink. Also, aside from width, depth is also important. How you will use the sink should play a role in what size sink you should get.


Do you want one bowl or two? Or three? The sink shape affects how the sink functions. If you do a lot of your food prep over the sink, then you may want more than one bowl. Similarly, if you wash a lot of your dishes by hand, two bowls can make that easier.

You will also need to think about whether you want a flat draining area to be part of the sink. This is more common with stainless steel sinks, and the presence of the draining area means that you would not need an additional pad underneath a draining rack.


You may already have a specific preference for sink materials. However, today, there are sinks made of lots of different materials even sometimes the same solid surface material as the counter. You may want to learn about the different materials and how easy (or hard) they are to clean. Some materials will scratch or stain more easily than others.

Some types of sinks, like “farmhouse” are usually made of a specific material, in this case porcelain. So, your overall design may dictate the material for the sink.


Sink installation is important to mention here because some types of sinks require a special installation that will relate to your counter choice. For example, if you want an undermount sink, then that type of sink requires a certain type of solid-surface counter.

Whatever you choose, give it some serious thought before taking the plunge. The sink will not be an easy thing to change if you do not like it because the sink, the counter, and the cabinetry beneath the sink all work together.

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