How would you like to be able to visit a spa every day after a hard day’s work? Does that sound like an impossible dream? Well, it could be possible if you make your bathroom your sanctuary.

You can transform your bathroom into your own personal at-home spa. It doesn’t have to be too difficult, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild – you could do anything from installing new bathroom sinks and custom vanities, or just change the lighting and have some new, fluffy towels.

If you live in Vancouver, then you can take your bathroom to the next level by engaging the professionals at Elite Kitchens, who design and fit custom bathrooms.

What are the best ways to make your bathroom your sanctuary?

Here are some great ideas how you can turn your bathroom into your at-home spa.

Revamp the Fittings

Maybe some of your bathroom fittings could be changed, updating the overall look of your bathroom. Do all the fittings look modern? Do the faucets need upgrading to look classier? Sometimes installing a new bathroom sink can change the appearance of the whole bathroom.


Try to have softer lighting available in your bathroom. If possible, lighting can be installed under cabinets, or you can install backlit mirrors. This can create a ‘soft light’ atmosphere which is instantly relaxing. Dimmers can also be used effectively to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Clear the clutter

It’s important to have plenty of free space to create your sanctuary. To do this, think about installing custom vanities. These can be measured and fitted to your exact requirements. They can also be fitted with lots of different features so that you always have the perfect place for everything you need and use in the bathroom.

When you visit Elite Kitchens, you can check out a whole range of custom bathrooms and find something to suit every taste. Treat yourself, and start to transform your bathroom into your own personal spa and sanctuary.


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