Most of us are having smaller get-togethers this year because of COVID-19. We can, however, have something lovely and intimate for the holidays. So, here are some tips from us for dining in small numbers, in style.

Holiday Décor

Pull out those Christmas tablecloths if you have one. This is the right time of year for it. You can always use some disposable holiday napkins from the dollar store. Decorate your table with some greenery or some gourds or flowers.

Eat Anywhere

You don’t have to eat in a dining room. You can eat at the kitchen counter or on a coffee table in the family room or living room. You can always set up your food buffet style on a kitchen counter. If it’s just a few of you, break all the rules and be comfortable.


Dim the lights or consider some candles. Just be sure to keep an eye on your candles and make sure they are safe from children and pets. Live Christmas trees are always a big fire hazard, so don’t have lit candles near them.


You can scale back on the cooking. It’s not necessary to pull out all the stops for a small group. It is possible to cook a small turkey or just serve a lot of hot hors d’oeuvres. Buy dessert so you don’t have to cook everything. Relax and enjoy.

What’s important is to remember to be thankful for what we have and remember the spirit of the holidays. This year’s celebration may be different than most, but we can still enjoy it as best we can. Scale back on the cooking, eat in the kitchen, but enjoy the festivities just the same.

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