Summer means great celebrations, good weather, barbecues, and relaxation time spent basking in the sun or shade. You want a warm and friendly atmosphere and a lovely time with your guests. Here are some tips for making your home a bit more summery.

The Door

Summer decoration kicks off with a welcome at the door. Try changing out your welcome mat to something seasonal. You can also hang a summer wreath on the door made of dried flowers and/or fruits and vegetables.


Classic outdoor pillows and modern couches are a must for the outside. Consider some pastel accessories or brightly colored ones. You can use a theme like beach or farm or spa. Inexpensive accessories like candle holders, pillows, throws, and fresh flowers will make a statement.


In the kitchen it’s easy to change out your dish towels for some that are brightly coloured or pastel and spa-like. Place some bowls of fruit or vegetables on the counter for an eye-catching display.

Other Rooms

It’s not expensive to change out your shower curtain to something summery like fishes or flowers or a beach scene. You can put out some brightly coloured hand towels. Even soaps can be different shapes and colours that go with the summer theme. Fresh flowers look great anywhere. Even just some hand-picked wildflowers from the side of the road can add a lovely touch in a pretty vase.

Vases don’t have to be crystal. Any gift shop or big box store will have vases of different shapes, sizes, and colours to fit every budget.

You are limited only by your imagination. Some interesting accessories can change any room to look more summery. Enjoy decorating for summer as much as you do for the winter holidays.

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