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Spring Cleaning Cabinets
Are you ready for spring? I think we all are. Why not get a jump on your spring cleaning by taking control of your kitchen. No matter how often you say you’ll do a major deep clean of the fridge, or organizing those cabinets, making the time and doing a thorough job can be a challenge. Here are some tips for getting your kitchen really truly clean this spring.

Write a List

Start by sitting down in your kitchen and writing a list of the major projects you haven’t found time for in a while. These don’t have to be things you only do once a year, but they should include things you don’t do on a daily or weekly basis. Cleaning out the fridge, taking everything off the counters and re-organizing, wiping down cupboards and cabinets, and doing an inventory of the pantry are a few ideas.

Break Jobs Into Manageable Tasks Based on Time

Let’s say you know you need to deep clean the fridge. That means emptying it, wiping down bottles or jars that have little spills, tossing expired items, wiping every surface in the fridge, and then putting everything in again. That takes a lot more time than wiping out the cupboard with plates and bowls in it.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Make sure that each job you take on can be completed in the time you’ve given yourself. If you attempt to have a complete spring cleaning in one weekend, you’ll get burnt out or discouraged when there’s still more to do and Monday is already on its way.

Spring cleaning can feel impossible if you’re not prepared. But if you organize the tasks into manageable time commitments, you’ll feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from getting each task done. That’ll keep you inspired until the whole kitchen is super clean!


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