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Welcome Spring!

I have waited for so long to feel that wonderful rush of hope for warmer weather, sunshine, green grass, flowers and all the excitement of the new season! And so, like many of you, my excitement turns to the desire to dust off the winter and get a fresh start.

If you are thinking this is an article on spring cleaning, well you are in for a surprise-it’s not!!! (I did that article last year!)

This year I wanted to focus on a room that works hard to keep us clean, but can be overlooked and sometimes even put in a dark, dreary basement corner. I am speaking about the laundry room! If you guessed correctly, you win a chance to upgrade your laundry room to a new high!

Of course, Ken and Sabrina at Elite would be very happy to help you design the perfect laundry room for you! After you are done, you may never want to leave, except to grab a latte and go back for another load of laundry!

Unique Ideas for Your Custom Laundry Room

When researching laundry rooms, unique layouts and design elements, I must say, there were a lot of options. Most of us have an area that is designated for laundry. It may be on the main floor and part of the “mudroom”. It may be in an unfinished basement. It may be on the second floor near the bedrooms. Where ever it may be, there are lots of ways to create a useful AND beautiful room that you will enjoy spending time in. You might just go in the laundry room to read the fun signs! More on that later!

Some unique ideas for the laundry room are:

Room for Furry Friends

Luxe Laundry Rooms - Dog Cleaning Station

Pet washing station

Elevate a tiled area and include a shower wand and you have the perfect place to wash your little four legged friend as soon as he/she comes in from a walk without straining your back! Brilliant! If only I had room for this idea-it would be in my own home faster than my dog! You could also incorporate a kennel or bed for fido to spend more time in here with you as you wash, dry, fold and repeat! If you have extra cupboard space, you can turn it into a comfortable dog bed. Additionally, by using stackable washer/dryer sets, you allow extra space for convenient dog showers.

Clever Cat Litter Drawer in Laundry Room
Let’s not forget the felines in your home.

Why not incorporate the litter box into a pull out drawer! So easy to clean and accessible to your cat while “shut” and tucked out of sight!
A pull-out litterbox in the laundry room … notch allows cat easy entry, pullout makes cleaning staff happy.

Spaces to Care for Delicate Clothing

Extra drying racks in a custom laundry room

Extra drying racks

Saving money and keeping your clothes looking new two great reasons to hang up your clothes rather than throwing them in the dryer. Depending on how many items you plan on hanging to dry at a time and the amount of space you have will determine the best layout for you. You can hang a collapsible drying rack on the wall-some fold like an accordion while others look like a small ladder that folds flush against the wall. Both save space when not in use. There is also a “Hinge N Hang” expandable hanger that attaches to the door hinge and pulls out. Very neat idea-except if your door opens inward like mine. Then this idea doesn’t work at all. You can put in a curtain rod under a cabinet-the option I decided on in my laundry room. I use it every single laundry day! This next idea I think is really great, but it just won’t work in my room. Take a wooden ladder, paint it some bright colour and suspend it from the ceiling! Brilliant and oh so trendy!


Pull-Out Drying Shelves, Custom Laundry Room

Drying Shelves

These can come in very handy too! Remember that lovely sweater that just feels so soft and comfortable and you keep wearing it over and over again? It needs to be dried lying flat. Hmmmm, didn’t realize that when you first bought it and now you dread finding a place to lie it flat as it dries. We have a solution for that! A drying “shelf” that is built into a drawer! It tucks away when not in use and takes up so little space you could hide it under a counter or above the washer or dryer! Ken has some great ideas about where to put this amazing invention! I have put in my request already-can’t wait to have it installed!  Or make flat-dry racks that hook onto the wall or store behind a door.

Jetted Sink for Delicates - Custom Laundry Room Wish List

A Jetted Laundry Sink (!!)

This is just for those of you who want to go above and beyond with unique items in your laundry room! I had never heard of one before doing this research but now I am really thinking about asking Santa for one for Christmas this year! Simply put your hand wash items in the sink with the delicate detergent, turn on the jets and walk away! So cool! I don’t know how often I would use it-it might just end up being the dog’s hot tub in the end and probably a big waste of money, but it just seems like a great idea on paper! I guess it could go on the list for the dream laundry room! It’s just nice to know all your options!

Laundry Cabinets and Countertops

Laundry Folding Countertop

A Folding Area.

If you have a front load washer, you can put a countertop above your washer/dryer set and fold clothes on top of that! If you would like, you can incorporate the drying racks below the countertop (see above idea)!


Custom Laundry Room Cabinets

Custom Laundry Cabinets

Okay I had to say it. We need a place to keep all our laundry supplies and things just look neater if they have a place of their own. Some people like the open shelf look. Others like the “hidden behind closed doors” look. Whichever way you like, having a place to store the supplies and making it look uniform with custom cabinets is what we do! We can help you design the perfect laundry room for you so it feels amazing and you love the space you are in doing a job you may not truly love all that much. It just makes life’s little jobs easier to do if you enjoy the space.

Fun Laundry Room Signs

Why limit decorating to all the other rooms in the house? There are so many clever and fun signs that are popping up everywhere that are just perfect for the laundry room. My favourite is this one… Enjoy!

Laundry Room Quote Sign


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