Start with Your Vision

Okay, so you would like a new kitchen, but where to start? Let’s take a step by step look at starting a kitchen renovation.

Building a New Kitchen Elite Kitchen Centre

Collect Ideas and Determine Your Budget

Beginning with an idea of what you would like to create is a good place to start. But how do you get ideas? This is a pretty big renovation and you want to make sure that it is a good reflection of your style, your home, your family, but it also has to be practical and functional. This is the time to keep your eyes open. Check out magazines for different styles and different features. I clip out what appeals to me and keep it in a file folder or envelope. Some colour choices, a pull-out pantry, garbage and recycling centre, and any other ideas that you would like to incorporate into your kitchen. Start collecting ideas and keeping them together.

Next, consider your budget for your new kitchen renovation. Don’t worry if you think it might be too small. Being creative and finding solutions in your budget is what we do quite well. If you visited our booth during February’s Home show at the Tradex in Abbotsford, you would have received a coupon to get $500 in extras if you were spending $10,000. That gives you some extra “wiggle room” for some upgrades. If you mention that you read this in our blog post, we might also extend that offer to you for your kitchen renovation. Who knows? It could work!

Computer Kitchen Rendering at Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms

Consult with the Pros

Obviously, the next thing to do would be to go to the pros. That is where we come in! We have kitchen designers who know all the boring stuff, like how many inches of countertop you need beside the stove, what a “work triangle” is, the correct height for cabinetry and all the other boring stuff. No need to have you deal with that –we have it figured out. And that is another reason why going to a kitchen designer is a good idea. We have done this before. A lot of times and likely have come across most problems and found good solutions to those problems so you don’t have to try to reinvent the wheel. Simply rely on our years of experience. Remember to bring in your folder or envelope of ideas. We like to help you create your unique new dream kitchen that suits your style. We also have our showroom with lots of samples of doors, stains, handles, countertops and some kitchens and bathrooms to help the creative juices flow. We invite you to come down and check us out!

Kitchen cabinet doors at Elite Kitchen Centre, Langley BC
The next thing that will happen, is we will provide you with a drawing of our design proposal with a price estimate for your kitchen renovation. This is where it starts to really come together. You can change anything you don’t like and you can add things you would like. Our estimates give you a complete price. We have included everything-no surprises later.

If things change during the process, we will let you know and get your approval. If you are getting estimates from other kitchen renovation companies, which we are fine with, make sure that the price includes installation, handles, hinges, etc. It’s good to compare, but make sure they are all apples!

So now it gets fun. Picking out your kitchen countertop, choosing kitchen cabinet stain colours and kitchen cabinet handles. This is the creative part. You might feel overwhelmed, but we can help you narrow down the decisions. We are here to help you build your new kitchen.

Once we get all the decisions on paper and set a date for the renovation, it’s a matter of taking a vacation from your kitchen. For a complete kitchen renovation, it can take about four to six weeks from the beginning to the end. And then, you will have an amazing dream kitchen that you were part of designing and creating. Just imagine the moments you will share with family and friends in the new heart of your home.

Congratulations and enjoy your new custom kitchen!



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