One of the most common complaints that any home owner has is that their kitchen is too small. People want more and more things in their kitchen so they can prepare the favourite foods. In order to accommodate their needs, companies offering custom kitchen design are finding better and more elegant ways of providing them more storage space. Here are a few ways that we’ve discovered to find more storage in small kitchens.

Add shelving under your island countertop or bar top
One part of a kitchen that is commonly underutilized is the island or bar area. Many small kitchens include them but waste the space underneath. Adding some cabinets or shelving under the countertop provides usable storage that can be hidden when not needed.

A small kitchen

Add custom kitchen cabinets that effectively use all the space
Much of the kitchen space is wasted if it’s not designed efficiently. For example, many cabinets either don’t go high enough on the wall, resulting in the tops of your cabinets looking like a graveyard for appliances and plates. Why not have cabinets that use all the space available and allow you to store away what’s needed every day?

Inserts and organizers
By adding cabinet inserts and organizers, the storage space can be used more effectively and becomes easier to find things when looking. Everyone has had the experience of digging through cabinets to find something they think is buried in the back. After a while, the search ends and that space is effectively wasted.

Use the sides and bottoms of cabinets
Another great space saver is to add hooks or shelves onto the sides of cabinets that don’t butt up against a wall or appliance. You can also hang things from the bottom of your cabinets.

No matter what size your kitchen, Elite Kitchens and Bathrooms are the best custom kitchen designers and builders in Vancouver. Come and see how we can change your kitchen into a storage dream.


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