If you are considering a stainless steel hood, we think they are a great idea. They look great, perform admirably, and never go out of style. Here, below, are some of the reasons why we recommend them.


Stainless steel is practical. It’s is durable and easy to keep clean. It will last longer than hoods that are covered in drywall or tile. Stainless steel will not warp or rust or deteriorate when faced with the steam and oils that it vents on a daily basis.


A stainless steel hood can make your kitchen look sleek and contemporary. Metal accents are very trendy right now, but the stainless steel hood has the advantage of function as well as form. A large stainless steel hood can be focal point in the design of a kitchen.


Commercial kitchens almost always have stainless steel hoods because they are practical. With a simple yet sleek look, they perform their jobs well in a hardworking kitchen. When hoods are turned on, they must withstand a constant vibration. Stainless steel can handle this while other materials will become damaged over time.

We highly recommend a stainless steel hood, and if you need some help choosing one for your kitchen space, you can always talk to us in Vancouver at (604) 533-4541. Stainless steel hoods come in all shapes and sizes for every type of kitchen. They are timeless and never go out of style, so they will fit in perfectly, no matter what your design scheme is.


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