Durability is relative, and what may be considered durable to one family may not be durable enough for another. Today, in our blog article, we are going to talk about some different materials, and how durable they are for kitchen cabinets.

Stainless Steel

The most durable material for kitchen cabinets is what you find in commercial kitchens: stainless steel. It will develop a patina over time, but it is definitely the most durable material. Nevertheless, we do not find stainless steel cabinets in private homes very often, in part because it would be the most expensive option, but also because metal cabinets will not be to everyone’s taste.


After stainless steel, solid wood would be the most durable choice. However, it is not just the wood that you have to think about, it is the coating on the wood which will wear out long before the wood will. There are wood buildings still standing that have been around for almost 2000 years.

The best coating for solid wood cabinets is lacquer. Lacquer is a very tough finish that also has the great advantage of being relatively easy to repair. In fact, a lacquer coating on any material would be a very durable choice.

Paint on wood is going to be less durable than lacquer, although an oil-based paint will be more durable than an acrylic paint.

After stainless steel and wood, all of the other cabinet materials rank next in durability. Plywood is more durable than MDF or particle board, but, again, the finish will wear out before the material will.

Fortunately, for all of us, wood cabinets are coming back into fashion, and painted cabinets are going out. If you are doing or redoing a kitchen talk to your contractor or kitchen designer about your durability needs because that will drive the choice of materials and finishes.

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