There are always new trends in home design including kitchen cabinets and cabinet finishes. Some trends are totally new, and some are ones we have seen before that come back into fashion.


Wood cabinets are always in fashion, but they are very popular now. Finishes on the wood are minimal so that you can fully appreciate the natural colour and grain of the wood.

Painted Cabinets

Cabinets that are painted are growing more and more popular. Also, there are trends in having more than one colour on the cabinets in the kitchen. Some people use one colour above the counter, and another below. Sometimes the island is an altogether different colour. The advantage of painted cabinets is that they can be repainted at a later date to suit a different design palette.

Refinished and Refaced

Cabinets that are refinished and/or refaced continue to be popular because they are environmentally friendly.

Ceiling-Height Cabinets

Cabinets that run to the ceiling are also trendy. The advantage of them is that they offer more storage space per the footprint of the kitchen than traditional cabinets that stop and have molding before the ceiling.

Wraparound Counters

Wraparound counters or “waterfall” counters have the same counter material that flows vertically down from counter height to the floor. This has been popular for a while and makes a kitchen look very polished no matter what type of cabinet finish you have.

Cabinet Pulls

Handles are simpler and more minimalist than previously. The trend is to draw your eye to the cabinet as opposed to the cabinet hardware.

Smooth, sleek, and seamless seem to be today’s trend. Whatever you choose, pick design elements that you really like. It’s your house and your kitchen. You want to get up every morning and like what you see no matter what the trends are in design.

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