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Choosing the correct kitchen cabinet hardware for your custom kitchen cabinets is a very important decision. Choosing the correct cabinet knobs and pulls can make the difference between realising that kitchen of your dreams, or feeling slight disappointment. With this is mind, there are a few things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware, such as:

  • Follow your Vision
  • Stick with the same finishes
  • Know when to use a knob and a pull
  • Choose Quality

Follow Your Vision

You probably have a vision or theme in mind when you choose the design and finish of your custom kitchen cabinets. When choosing the hardware, now is not the time to change this. Depending on the style of cabinets you went with, you will want to decide on a style of hardware that matches. Traditional cabinets tend to work best with simple, smooth hardware, whereas modern cabinets tend to work best with sleek, tubular hardware. Get some samples, hold them up and see what works best for you.

Stick with the Same Finishes

Hardware comes in a variety of finishes, from bronze and brass to stainless steel and brushed nickel. You want to make sure that the finish you choose for your cabinet hardware matches the finishings in the rest of the kitchen. If you have gone for mostly stainless steel appliances, consider going with stainless hardware.

Know when to use a knob and a pull

The use of knobs on cabinet drawers has long been a staple in traditional or country style kitchens. Often, cabinets with more detail tend to look better with a simple knob. However, in more modern kitchens, pulls have become the hardware of choice, as these give a cleaner, more finished look.

Choose Quality

Finally, make sure that you go with quality hardware and do not try to save a few bucks on this step. Your cabinet hardware will see a lot of traffic, and have a lot of fingers on it over its lifetime. Choosing something that is strong, sturdy and long lasting will help to make sure you are not having to fix or replace knobs or pulls before you should need to.


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